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Cannabis Sales Climbing in New Mexico

According to data provided by the New Mexico Cannabis Control Division, in October 2022, licensed cannabis retailers sold $39,745,391.33 worth of cannabis in N.M. That's a slight increase from $39,651,326.49 worth of sales in September 2022.

Of the total, $25,033,997.39 of sales were to people not enrolled in the medical program (commonly referred to as "adult-use" sales). That's a continued increase in those sales since April 2022 when just over $22 million went to adult-use sales. However, while adult-use sales have seen a steady increase, the sales attributed to the medical program continue to decline. Medical sales hit a high of $17,457,149.55 in May 2022. In October 2022 they hit a low of $14,711,393.94.

"We need to pay attention to decreases in the medical program," Ruben Aguilar, CEO, and owner of High Horse Cannabis Company said. "Cannabis is medicine and we can't lose sight of that especially as we reach out to the larger community whose primary exposure to cannabis has been through the stories of reefer madness," he added.

Looking locally, Chaparral, N.M. had $428,207.30 in total sales in October 2022 which is an increase from $392,197.35 in September 2022, and $306,533.38 in August 2022.

"We're excited to see a successful market in Chaparral and we're excited to see new businesses thriving here," Ruben Aguilar, CEO, and owner of High Horse Cannabis Company said. "People are becoming more aware of our industry and comfortable with the value we offer so many people. We're grateful to the people of Chaparral and look forward to continuing to play a positive role in our community," he added.

Aguilar added that High Horse will soon open for patients in Las Cruces, N.M.

"We have a lot of great products at great prices that we know people will benefit from and appreciate," Aguilar said. "People in Las Cruces need high-quality medicine at an affordable price and that's our goal," he added.

Las Cruces, N.M. had over $3 million in sales again in October 2022 with $3,027,767.07. However, this is lower than the $3.3 million peak in sales in August 2022.

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