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Cannabis Sales Stay Strong in NM

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The Cannabis Control Division announced that in September 2022, licensed cannabis retailers sold over $39 million worth of cannabis in New Mexico.

This is slightly less than August 2022.

Looking locally, Chaparral, NM had over $392,000 in sales compared to $306,534 in August; and Las Cruces had over $3 million in sales compared to $3.3 million in August.

“The cannabis industry continues to thrive in New Mexico because New Mexicans are ready for the end of reefer madness,” Ruben Aguilar, owner of High Horse Cannabis Company said. He added, “We're excited to see the industry succeed because the success of the legal cannabis industry is directly tied to making our communities safer. We undermine the illegal market that supplies cannabis to young people and laces products with who-knows-what."

The total breakdown is below:

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