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Chaparral, NM Cannabis Dispensary to Open 24 Hours

Today High Horse Cannabis Company announced its plans to open its cannabis dispensary in Chaparral, NM 24 hours a day.

Beginning at midnight on February 4, 2023, the dispensary, which opened in May 2022, will open two drive-through windows that will be open at all times.

“We opened 24 hours in Las Cruces last November and we’ve seen there’s a big need for better access to cannabis,” Ruben Aguilar, Chief Executive Officer for High Horse said.

“People work different schedules, emergencies come up, and we’ve seen in Las Cruces that being open 24 hours has led to less crime, happy neighbors, and grateful patients,” Aguilar added. “We think we will see the same need in Chaparral, maybe even more.”

The High Horse dispensary is located at 545 S. County Line, which is 4.2 miles from the Texas border. Aguilar said they serve many patients from Texas.

“It’s unfortunate that Texas is so far behind on cannabis policy and that people who use cannabis in Texas are under constant threat from law enforcement,” he said.

“We serve people from Texas all the time and we’re happy to do so, it’s not our job to judge where someone chooses to consume what they legally purchase with us.”

Aguilar said that he and his team go out of their way to make sure Texas residents understand what could happen if caught processing cannabis in Texas.

“We’ve partnered with an El Paso attorney to draft guidance for our patients if they choose to return to Texas with cannabis,” Aguilar added. “We make it clear that cannabis is still illegal in Texas and then make sure they know what to expect if they encounter law enforcement while possessing cannabis in Texas.”

Aguilar said his long-term goal is working with El Paso leaders to convince the Texas legislature and Governor to end cannabis prohibition.

“Cannabis is an important medicine for a lot of people. It’s a shame that so many Texans live in fear because of a misunderstanding of what cannabis is and does for people, and we think El Paso leaders are ready to step up and join the effort to end prohibition.”

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