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High Horse Calls on New Mexico Legislators to Support Consumers

Updated: Feb 9

High Horse Cannabis Company, which opened the first 24-hour drive-through cannabis dispensary in New Mexico, is calling on NM legislators to support cannabis consumers by protecting access to cannabis.

“There are good and bad ideas being considered in Santa Fe and we want to ensure legislators are thinking about people who consume cannabis when making decisions,” High Horse CEO Ruben Aguilar said. “There’s a need for better access and we need to make sure we don’t tax the industry so high that we can’t compete with the traditional market,” Aguilar added.

“The legal industry will make our communities safer and we’re lucky, in New Mexico, to have legislators who understand the value of our industry,” Aguilar said.

There are at least eight current bills in the New Mexico legislature that Aguilar says impact the cannabis industry.

“We plan on visiting Santa Fe this week bringing the message that our industry is good, safe and making a positive impact on people’s lives. We aren’t going to lobby in favor or against any of these bills right now, but we want to play a positive role in helping legislators understand our industry and why we’re so passionate about it.”

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