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High Horse Pushes for More Participation in NM Medical Cannabis Program

High Horse Cannabis Company is aiming to reverse the trend of declining participation in New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program by providing a location in Las Cruces for people to ask questions and connect with a doctor for free.

Since adult sales of cannabis began, participation in the state medical program has declined, despite participants saving money by being enrolled.

High Horse CEO, Ruben Aguilar, says High Horse’s new Las Cruces location at 1685 N. Main is focusing on helping people navigate the medical program.

“We offer quality and affordable cannabis, but we also partner with an outpatient clinic to offer free medical screenings for the cannabis program,” Aguilar said. “All cannabis use has medicinal value so it’s important to us to help people save money on their medicine.”

People enrolled in the state’s medical cannabis program are not taxed on their cannabis purchases.

“We want to help inform people of the program, its qualifying conditions which now include anxiety and insomnia, and offer people free ways to enroll because medicine is expensive and not everyone can afford costly doctor visits,” Aguilar said. “Cannabis is medicine, everyone who qualifies for the medical program should enroll, and High Horse is committed to help make it happen.”

The dispensary at 1685 N. Main is High Horse’s second 24-hour Las Cruces location and third overall location. Aguilar says it will open on May 22, 2023, at 10 am and he hopes it will never close.

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