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New Exciting Product Drops at High Horse Cannabis

Hello High Horse Cannabis community!

At High Horse, we are composed of daring individuals driven by integrity, passion, and a commitment to redefine the future of the cannabis industry. We're thrilled to announce our latest product drops, curated with our unrelenting commitment to helping people and providing quality products

.Stoned Ape Chocolates - 500mg THC Bars If you're an experienced cannabis user looking for an indulgent treat, these high-dose THC bars from Stoned Ape are crafted just for you! With a variety of tantalizing flavors like Banana Pudding, Bedrock, Cookies & Cream, and Dark Chocolate/Cashew, these bars are more than just a delectable delight. Each bar contains a whopping 500mg of THC, ensuring a potent experience. Please remember to store these in the fridge for the best results, and always consume responsibly! Pharmtrue Gummies - A Revolution in Healthcare Pharmtrue's pharmacist-formulated gummies are more than a sweet indulgence; they are a groundbreaking approach to healthcare. Infused with carefully measured THC, CBD, and CBG, these gummies are designed to align with your therapeutic needs. Here's what we have: 1:1 Gummies: Perfect for cannabis-curious individuals, these gummies offer a balanced blend of THC and CBD, providing potential pain relief without the strong psychoactive effects. 1:1:1 Gummies: With equal parts THC, CBD, and CBG, experience deep sleep and relaxation with these powerful gummies. 10:5:1 Gummies: Targeting agitation, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep, these are specially crafted for specific therapeutic benefits. 100mg & 200mg THC Gummies: Ideal for those seeking robust relief from symptoms like Muscle spasticity, Sleep, Nausea, Appetite, and Pain. Flower - GMOG (Hybrid Indica) - TenTen Farms GMOG is a unique hybrid Indica strain, crossing GMO and Legend OG, created by Cannarado. Known for its rich fuel-like aroma mixed with earthy notes and the signature GMO funk, it offers euphoric and relaxing effects. With a higher-than-average THC potency at 30%, this strain is believed to help with headaches and anxiety. The engaging flavors of apricot, diesel, and nuttiness enhance the experience, making it a perfect choice for those seeking focused, creative, and relaxed feelings. A Note on Edibles When enjoying our edible products, always take them with a high-fat meal to enhance absorption by 2.8X. This ensures that you get the most out of every bite! Who is High Horse Cannabis Co. - Our Brand Vision: High Horse Cannabis Co. (HH) is determined to write history, not read about it. We are driven by integrity and passion, committed to redefining the future of the cannabis industry as one with high standards for professionalism and helping people. Mission: High Horse is changing the narrative around cannabis by leading the industry in promoting the positive and healthy lifestyle of responsible consumers. We provide access to high-quality products and cultivate a one-of-a-kind experience based on our knowledge, passion, and commitment to helping people. Values and Guiding Principles: Integrity: Setting a high standard for professionalism and respect for our community. Commitment: Changing people's lives for the better. Passion: Our own experiences drive our commitment to succeed. Join Us on a Wellness Journey Explore our new product drops in-store today, and our knowledgeable budtenders will guide you to the best choices for your needs. Remember, at High Horse, we're not just setting the standard; we're pioneering a new era of wellness!

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