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NM Cannabis Sales Spike Again

Just when we thought cannabis sales had leveled off, December showed up to teach us a lesson.

In December 2022 New Mexico had $43,195,062.32 in cannabis sales, according to the NM Cannabis Control Division. That's almost $3.5 million more than in November 2022. We will need to watch to see if the increase is sustainable over the months to come, but business owners are excited.

"We know the market is there, the question is how quickly can we convert people from the traditional market to the new legal market," owner of High Horse Cannabis Company, Ruben Aguilar, said.

Local numbers reflect the increases. Chaparral had a total of $523,350.33 in sales compared to $478,400.54 in November 2022. Las Cruces increased by almost $400,000 from $2,939,060.87 in November 2022 to $3,334,358,87 in December 2022.

"I think this is just the beginning because cannabis is good for people and more and more people are realizing that," Aguilar added.

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