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NM Cannabis Sales Stay Strong in November 2022

According to the New Mexico Cannabis Control Division, NM saw $38,642,166.37 in cannabis sales in November 2022.

While we see a slight dip in the total amount of cannabis sales compared to October 2022, business owners remain optimistic that the NM cannabis market is strong.

"The market in New Mexico is strong and good businesses should be succeeding," High Horse Cannabis Company Owner Ruben Aguilar said.

"We've adapted as the year has gone by making sure our patients have convenient access to good quality products at affordable prices," Aguilar added. "That's why we opened the first 24-hour drive-through in Las Cruces and are looking at more creative ideas for Chaparral and future locations."

Total cannabis sales in NM look like this over the last few months:

September 2022: $39,651,326.49

October 2022: $39,745,391,33

November 2022: $38,642,166.37

Local numbers are looking strong too. Chaparral saw a big increase in sales jumping over fifty thousand dollars from $428,207.30 in October 2022 to $478,400.54 in November 2022. In October 2022 Las Cruces saw $3,027,767.07 compared to $2,939,060.87 in November 2022.

Aguilar says that High Horse Cannabis Company looks forward to continuing to offer New Mexico and Texas residents high-quality cannabis at affordable prices.

"We're growing because our patients appreciate our passion for helping them," he said.

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