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Pharmers Quality Chocolate Rain Refined Resin Concentrate

Sitting down and gathering your thoughts can be overwhelming, especially when you’re a master procrastinator. I encourage you to make your to-do list and write out your worries for a easier tomorrow. Chocolate Rain from @pharmersquality helped ease the process of this for me.

Chocolate Rain Breakdown

Chocolate rain is a Hybrid cross of Chocolope and Cocoa Kush. The top 3 terpenes found in Chocolate Rain are Pinene, Bisabool and Ocimene.

Bisabool, also known as levomenol, is responsible for soothing effects found in cannabis and other plants such as chamomile. It has anti-inflammatory properties which helps simulates gastrointestinal tract receptors. Meaning it helps aid digestion! Ocimene is found in other plants such as basil and parsley. It is often found in Sativa-dominant strains due to its energizing effect.

Chocolate Rain Review:

Chocolate Rain is a nice hybrid for throughout the day for those who have high anxiety levels. It’s energizing enough to where you won’t be falling asleep after the wave passes, but not simulating to the point where it makes your thoughts go 100mph as some Sativa-dominant strains tend to do for me. Anxiety manifests itself through many physical effects and Chocolate Rain’s calming properties helped relax tension.

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